Sentence issued in case of 12 dead horses


June 182024

Fredericton, N.B. – Charlotte Bright was sentenced in Court of King’s Bench in Burton on June 17 to a lifetime ban on owning, being in possession of, or having care and control of any animal; a 24-month Conditional Sentence Order followed by 12 months probation; and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $7,851.10 to the New Brunswick SPCA (NBSPCA). As an additional condition, animal protection officers are authorized to conduct unannounced visits to her premises.

Bright pled guilty earlier this spring to three animal welfare charges under the Criminal Code of Canada. The Criminal Code conviction means the lifetime ban will be enforceable across Canada.

On April 8, 2023, animal protection officers with the NBSPCA responded to a complaint at a farm property in Currieburg, N.B. Upon searching the property, the officers discovered five underweight horses without access to fresh hay or source of water, 12 dead horses and an aborted fetus in varying states of decomposition, and a barn that was in disrepair. 

The live horses were seized and placed in foster care where they received veterinary care, proper feed, water and socialization/​handling.

The NBSPCA was assisted by provincial veterinarians who confirmed the horses were emaciated and dehydrated, and numerous violations of the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines were also identified.

Subsequently, numerous cats in her care were removed and taken to animal shelters and cat rescue organizations to be cared for and rehomed. 

If you suspect or witness animal cruelty or neglect, please call the NBSPCA 247 hotline at 18777221522.

About New Brunswick SPCA

Founded in 1881, New Brunswick SPCA (NBSCPA) is the only provincewide organization mandated to enforce animal protection laws. A dedicated team of 15 Animal Protection Officers is vested with the authority under the SPCA Act of New Brunswick to investigate and, if necessary, lay charges, seize animals, or recommend court orders to persons suspected of abuse and cruelty to animals. 

The NBSPCA is a registered charity that exists to provide provincewide leadership in the humane treatment of animals. We enforce relevant legislation, ensure shelter for neglected or abused domesticated animals and agricultural animals, and provide public education and advocacy to empower New Brunswickers to help animals live long and healthy lives. 

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