7 Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet

7 Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet

There is no denying that everyone loves puppies and kittens. It makes sense that the default choice when adopting a new pet is to go with a younger pup or a kitten. However, you’ll be surprised by how rewarding it can be to adopt a senior pet.

By adopting a senior dog or a cat from your local animal shelter, you can be a hero by opening your heart and home to an animal who is hoping for a home today. Besides, one less senior pet at the animal shelter means one more free space for another animal to get rescued or abandoned,” said Lesley Rogers, Executive Director, New Brunswick SPCA.

The 7 benefits of adopting a senior pet are: 

1. Most senior pets have already been housebroken

It would be rare to find an adult dog or a cat that still needed to be housebroken. If their training is lacking, they have the physical and mental abilities to pick up skills fast, unlike young ones. 

2. Adult animals can form deep connections with you

An older pet can bond with you just as deeply as a younger one. When you bring home an adult animal, it may feel like they instantly know that this fantastic new person has come to their rescue. Senior pets are ready to love and are incredibly appreciative of the love you are bringing into their lives. 

3. Senior pets have a calmer temperament

With age comes not only wisdom but also a more relaxed state of being for pets. Mostly senior animals, the older they get, the less exercise they need and the less energetic they are throughout the day. For seniors living a more relaxed lifestyle, adult pets can make perfect companions.

4. Older pets require less time and supervision

Not everyone is equipped to take a bundle of energy who can’t make it through the night without a bathroom break and who requires hyper-vigilance during housebreaking and teething stages, along with hours of training. Senior animals are instant companions, ready to go on a long walk. 

5. Update to date on vaccination

When adopting an older animal, you also have the advantage of knowing their complete medical history in advance. Vaccinations have been taken care of, and appointments to a veterinarian should be less frequent than if you buy a puppy. 

6. Older animals have better manners than younger ones

Animals with calmer temperaments will often have better manners than youthful, more excitable pets. Older animals often have the benefit of being socialized previously with humans and other animals, making them more likely to have positive interactions in the future. 

7. Older pets need your help

Older pets get adopted at a much lower rate than younger ones. When the animals should be enjoying their golden years, instead they spend their days in an animal shelter awaiting a potential adoption. 

Love has no age limit! When you adopt a senior pet from your local animal shelter, you will not be able to deny the warm feeling of pride for changing an animal’s life. Overall, it’s safe to say that by adopting a senior pet what you get back is worth it. 

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