5 reasons to Adopt a Dog from an Animal Shelter

If you are looking to add a pet to your family, an animal shelter can be a great place to search for a new dog. Most of the dogs at such shelters are surrendered by loving families who can’t access affordable, pet-friendly housing or veterinary care.

The 5 benefits of adopting a dog from an animal shelter:

1. You are saving more lives 

When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you are just not giving a great home to a dog who needs one, but also freeing up the facility and its people to care for more animals that need help. Also, dogs not purchased from a puppy mill means there’s less incentive for irresponsible breeding. 

2. Most of the shelter dogs are already fixed

Adoption fees are even more bargain when you consider that most dogs and cats are spayed or neutered before they come home to you. This procedure is vital to keep the pet population under control.

3. Shelter dogs have had their shots

Animal shelters vaccinate the dogs that come in so they are protected from diseases that can circulate around the facility. A dog or cat adopted from a shelter should be ready to mingle with other pets in the neighbourhood right away. 

4. Many shelter dogs are already house-trained

Lots of dogs have been through the potty-training process, so they already know not to do their business in the house. There is no need for you to deal with the constant training that comes with a young puppy. 

5. Cost Effective

Adoption fees at shelters are much less compared to buying them from a reputable breeder. Many organizations charge higher fees for puppies and purebred dogs that are in demand. 

About the New Brunswick SPCA

Founded in 1881, New Brunswick SPCA (NBSCPA) is the only province-wide organization mandated to enforce animal protection laws. A dedicated team of 15 Animal Protection Officers is vested with the authority under the SPCA Act of New Brunswick to investigate and, if necessary, lay charges, seize animals, or recommend court orders to persons suspected of abuse and cruelty to animals. 

The NBSPCA is a registered charity that exists to provide province-wide leadership in the humane treatment of animals. We enforce relevant legislation, ensure shelter for neglected or abused domesticated animals and agricultural animals, and provide public education and advocacy to empower New Brunswickers to help animals live long and healthy lives. 

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