Your Next Pet

We know that an adorable pic­ture of a dog or cat can tug at the heart­strings. It doesn’t take much for those of us who love ani­mals to want to bring those sweet crit­ters into our fam­i­lies. How­ev­er, it is impor­tant to look beyond the cute pho­tos and exam­ine the cir­cum­stances those pets are com­ing from. Whether you find your new best friend from a shel­ter, a res­cue, or a breed­er, it’s impor­tant to ask ques­tions and do your research, as not all orga­ni­za­tions and sources are equal

Before get­ting a pet, think about your life and ask your­self some key ques­tions. Do you have the time to take care of a pet? Can you man­age the ongo­ing costs asso­ci­at­ed with pet own­er­ship? What type or breed of pet would fit best with your lifestyle?

If you’re look­ing to add a fur­ry com­pan­ion to your home, please take a lit­tle time to reflect on your sit­u­a­tion and to research the shel­ter, res­cue, breed­er, or oth­er source to ensure that they are tak­ing good care of the ani­mals and have their best inter­ests at heart. and are work­ing to match the right pet to the right fam­i­ly, and (in the case of a breed­er) have done all the rec­om­mend­ed health test­ing before decid­ing to breed a litter.

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